Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going home...again

We are starting our school year...exciting time for us. We are still largely still unschooling, but will hopefully be part of a co-op. I have offered to do a lot of the art projects.
I am worried as we have decided to move back to Washington State, writing that makes it more real now. I am scared, the move from Washington to Texas was very hard, but it was a move that we should not have done. We only moved to NOLA as a way to escape Paris Texas...trust me that is what we did ran like hell from there!
The thing is that I do like NOLA, it is a very wonderful city, with amazing people, culture, music, food, etc. BUT it is not home to me, I have tried to make it home, but it just never worked that way. I have met some amazing people, that I hope to keep in my life for a long time, but it still is not home. I always feel in limbo here, and like any minute things will be gone. I know that chances of another Katrina happening in my lifetime would be rare, it is still there. Also NO one can predict the weather, and things in the climate are changing all the time...the artic shelve is melting, the wetland's are disapearing...I mean can ANYONE promise me that it will be okay? No, and they should not. I also know that things can happen anywhere, but for me TO much can happen here.
It is also that I want to go home, NOW!
I know the moving around is not good for the kids, so I hoping that this will be the last move for awhile. I am hoping to make a better life for us there. It is time.
There is a way of life that I hope to get back to...I also do not like living where we live...the area makes places like "Hilltop" in Tacoma look like Beverly Hills! That is scary! So once again we move, and this time I will be living in Washington
untill I leave feet first.

Photo of MT. Rainer by Greg Hewgill 1998