Saturday, April 23, 2011

Looking for Homeschool groups

We have been in Tacoma for close to two months, and still have not met one homeschool family in person! Much is my fault, as many of the activities planned cost money, which is very tight right now.
We are hoping to find a "park day" group, one that meets close to us, and just gathers at parks, and other free areas.
I know that with Summer coming(I will believe that when I see it) that things slow down, but I am hoping that there are other parents out there also want to still get together.
This is not easy thing for us, and the fact that thye have yet to make new frineds is hard on them.
We will be going to the homeschool convention in June. I am hoping that I can find more resources that way as well.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Life now

we have been back in Tacoma now for a little over a month. We are still in our adjustment stage, we are unpacking, getting use to the weather.
The weather! I think I had forgotten some of what it was like, and it will take time to readjust to what it is like here, compared to New Orleans, Tacoma is so very different. I love the cooler weather, I hated how hot it could be in New Orleans, but I also miss the spring of New Orleans.
Yes we are also having issue's with food! It is not easy to get true Andouille sausage here, Blue runner is not sold here, neither is Camellia beans. Abita beer is not here, nor is gator balls or gator jerky! They do not sell Gundry's here, and bell peppers are very expensive!
I can not go down to Chickie Wah wah and see Grayson Capps...
Like I said it will take getting use too!
What we do have here, People who are our family, a safe neighborhood to raise our children, a wonderful house to live, a huge yard for the kids to play in, and a calmness that I missed!
I know that my children miss their friends in New Orleans, I also miss mine. I miss New Orleans in so many ways, but to be honest, I love Tacoma more. This home.
The move was bittersweet, I cried when the plane took off from the airport in New Orleans, but then I cried when the plane landed in Seattle. New Orleans will always have a piece of my heart, not even Los Angeles can say that.
We will need more time to get use to being here, I know this, but it has also been easier than I thought it would be, I know my way around, I know where to shop for the best deals, and I know of places that we loved to explore, as I said it is home.