Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Glob, a word that you do not see everyday, but which is something that you must look into. Recently ecomom.com has a special, you buy a 20 in gift cards you get 40 to spend. So I did this, one thing I got was glob, it is a dry pigment paint set. It comes with the dry pigments, brushes(bamboo) mxing cups with lids and instructions. The colors are all made out of fruits, veggies, and herbs. Blueberry, plums, basil, to name just a few. The colors are wonderful, and are amazing. You control how to mix itm so if you want thicker you would simple use less water, if you want it more like water colors you use more water.
Glob is a wonderful product! We truely love it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our family poem: Closing the Circle

Our family poem
Closing The Circle
by Wendell Berry

Within the circle of our lives
we dance the circle of the years,
the circles of the seasons
within the circles of the years,
the cycles of the moon
within the circles of the season,
the circles of our reasons
within the cycles of the moon.

Again, again we come and go,
changed, changing. Hands
join, unjoin in love and fear,
grief and joy. The circles turn,
each giving into each, into all.
Only music keeps us here,

each by all the others held.
In the hold of hands and eyes
we turn in pairs, that joining
joining each to all again.

And then we turn aside, alone,
out of the sunlight gone

into the darker circles of return.