Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garden endings....

Today I went out and started gathering much of what was left to gather from the garden. A few more pumpkin's, a huge amount of tomatoes, some really tiny carrots, and lettuce. We had a nice salad with our lasagna tonight!

Chloe helped her Aunt make the lasagna...we had a friend over for dinner, and had a great dinner with amazing company!
The girls are doing well on the reading program that I started with them, it may get boring for them after awhile, nut they will learn more, and retain more of the information. We read the same story everyday, with certain "power" words that we use in so many ways. I think that it is helping them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today I made a pillow

I spent a large portion of the day making a pillow, it just took longer than I thought it would!

But when I finally finshed, with mutiple wounds to my fingers, almost throwing my machine through the window, I received the best thing of all, a very happy little girl!

It was worth every little thing!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simply ten good things!

Inspired by Amanda Soule, this is my list of simply ten good things!

Window sills full of riping tomatoes from the garden.

An unexpected kiss.

A wonderful magical creation out of salt dough.

The warmth of a hug.

Laying on bed with your daughters, just giggling about nothing.

The sound of rain, when you have nowhere to go.

Fresh eggs.

Fresh raw milk.

The smell of clean laundry, off the line.

The woodsy smell of my daughter.

Now it is your turn!