Sunday, March 7, 2010

A new start, and a re-connection!

I am trying to get the house more together, since it seems to always be a mess, and it is hard to be creative when everything around you is a mess! I am also moving things around so that they just flow better.
I started working on my domino bracelets, I will post pictures soon as I am happy with them. I have also made 2 purses using the "Charlie" pattern from I am still looking for a simple design that I can whip up quick, yet can be a be different-looking with the fabric.
An old friend of mine found me on was odd to here from her after so long...she has children now, and is a Mom herself, this just blew my mind. But I am so happy that she found happiness. At one point we were very close friends, we spent almost every weekend together...hanging out in Hollywood. I was alway kinda sad that she was out of my life. So it is nice to be in contact again!
I am happy that we got the membership to the Zoon and Aquarium, we had so much fun at the aquarium on Tuesday...we will be going to the zoo sometime this week.

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  1. Yes so glad that things are coming together for you! I wanna hang out in Hollywood with you, HELLO! Lol.Facebook rocks like that. I am looking into zoo membership also, I need to take Alina soon.
    Love you.