Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This year!

Last year I quit smoking, that was my goal, and I surprisingly actully did it!
I was think what I want to do this year, what I want to change. Quiting smoking has been great, I do not smell anymore, and I guess it is healthier...but the major draw back for me is weight gain, and this is upsetting. I was not a slim woman to start with, so the weight gain is causing even more issues that just gaining a few pounds.
I know that it is my fault, but I still am surprised! we do not have a car, so I walk a LOT! But apprently I need to walk more. I also think that our diet leaves a LOT to be desired.
At first I was thinking that I can not make my family eat healthy, so I was going to just cook small healthy meals for myself, and then make other things for them! NO! I will not do that...we do eat healthy a lot of the time, but there is still issues with the family diet. A lot of red meat, ice cream, get the picture!
So my goal this year is to eat better...I know losing weight will simply come with a better diet.
So tonight we are having Salmon with Cuccumber dill sauce...low fat sour cream. Also brown rice, and a salad.
So Now I am on a quest to find good, healthy recipes that my family will like.

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  1. You are a great cook M... you will find ways to do it:)
    I have gained weight since I stopped smoking too ... D... um not so much ( Of course) I have also looked at changing some stuff.. trying to cut out all meat.. so we will see:0
    Off to Yoga class wish me luck hopefully I will not get too stuck or fart or something ;)
    love you