Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doctors, and reality hits me between the eyes!

Let's see now I know why you should space medical appointments out...you feel like a horrible mother! LOL The kids had some cavities! All three needed new glasses,and they are all over weight! None of it really surprised me, but it was so much to take in all at once!
So what have I done about you may be asking?
1. I am brushing teeth for them, also they have a new super duper cavitie fighting mouth rinse.
2. I make sure they have their glasses on at the correct times.
3. We are eating much healthier...which means I had to take over more of the cooking again, away from Phyllis!
3a. We are walking for health reasons, not just to get us somewhere.
3b. The kids will be doing a lot of swimming!
3c. Dance classes, yet again!
3d. Finding yoga classes for all of us!
3e. And anything else I can think of!
I have been trying for years for us all to be healthier...but not as hard as I could. So now it is no more games, and I am just doing it.
I just do not want the kids on a "diet" those fail, and often do more damage than good. I want them to make healthier choices, and be healthy!
This is my job, and they can not make healthy choices if I do not push them in that direction. This is what a Mother is, not someone who gives into their wants all the time!
They did love their swim lessons last night, and we go again tonight! They are having a blast!

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  1. We just got the Wii Fit and we all are having so much fun..... I will work out I know you guys can do it!