Saturday, April 23, 2011

Looking for Homeschool groups

We have been in Tacoma for close to two months, and still have not met one homeschool family in person! Much is my fault, as many of the activities planned cost money, which is very tight right now.
We are hoping to find a "park day" group, one that meets close to us, and just gathers at parks, and other free areas.
I know that with Summer coming(I will believe that when I see it) that things slow down, but I am hoping that there are other parents out there also want to still get together.
This is not easy thing for us, and the fact that thye have yet to make new frineds is hard on them.
We will be going to the homeschool convention in June. I am hoping that I can find more resources that way as well.


  1. maybe i just need to show up one day on your doorstep?... just kidding - that kind of thing would FREAK me out! :)

  2. We are in the area but we too are new to the area and don't tend to venture very far. We are in the Yelm area. Do you know where that is? There is a gymnastic center that has homeschool days. We love it there an it gets us out of the house! This move has been really hard on us too and we haven't met many homeschoolers. I hope we can meet up some time! :)

  3. good luch ladies- if ya make it down to florida - we'd be happy to meet ya at the park! do your local homeschool groups have a forum or email group- yahoo group or anything where you could send out a "park day" sign up?
    i think i may do the same thing here!