Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chicks and the garden!

Today the baby chicks arrived in the mail! We have a total of 16, and all seem to be doing well at this moment.

We decided on many different kinds, that way we can see what type we like the best.

I have never thought about buying chicks from a mail order place, but this time we decided to try it, so far Ideal Poultry has done a great job!

The chicks were hatched on June 7th at 10:00 AM I love knowing that! In 7 or 8 months we should have eggs!
The garden is coming along nicely, I am excited about the thought of all that home grown veggies!
Tomatoes coming in!

Arugula! This my make shift green house frame!

Creole Tomatoes! In Washington!

My beloved lavender, one of my most favorite things ever!
Over all I feel that it is all coming along nicely. I am going to be heading to Farmer's markets a lot, I will be canning in August. I am hoping to make many items that we use a lot of during the year, and that way they will be put up for the year.

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