Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis the season

It is that time again when parents all over the world hear their children talking about what they want for Christmas, or in our home Yule.
This is when many parents start to stress, and worry about if they can afford these things that their children so want.
I am one of those people, we are a single income family, not totally by choice, but it is there. We really do not have a 'full-time' income.
Why do we do this, and why do we allow ourselves to be stressed year after year?
I know that many will stay that it is because we love our children, but I must ask, Do we really think that our children only feel that we love them if we buy that IPod touch?
I know better, but I also know that I love it when they open that special birthday, and you see it, that wonderful, magical look in their eyes, the look of "I really got it" The happiness you know that they feel at that second.
So I ask, how do you do that when you don not have the money to obtain the "it" present?
This is my quest this year to find a way to give them the happiness, but without needing that much money!

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