Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer in the Pacific Northwest

Summer has come to the Pacific Northwest! It is not like summer anywhere else. Most days we are lucky to get to 75 degrees. The past few days it has been hitting the 90's, which for many here is way to hot! I need to say that I do not like hot weather. Just a statement of facts. The good thing with the heat has been that it has boosted the garden, everything is doing wonderfully. So that means that canning season is comming soon! Everyone in this household is looking for to Autumn, and all that it means for us: canning, baking, crafting, and just the events that start happening for us! We are moving forward with changing our diet and general lifestyle. I decided that I need to do what is needed for my family, and I am sorry if that is not what others think I should be doing...this is not their family. I hoping to be able to make more tinctures over the next few days, and I know that need more Womens cloths made, as Chloe likes them better than the pads you buy in the store, so do I. They are far more comfortable, and I like the fact that we are not throwing anything away. I used old receiving blankets for ours, they work well, and are soft.

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