Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creating, mothering

I am here starting this new blog, listening to two of my children fight over the everything and anything. SO it is interesting that I am here starting a blog about being a mother, and also being an artist, and they are fighting! I just find that perfect.

I should introduce myself, I am Melinda, I am married, to Aidan, and we have 3 children together, he also have 2 other children from previous relationships. Our children are Evan is 14 years old, Chloe who will be 10 years old in 3 weeks, and Isibella, who is 7 years old. His son Aidan "Ned" came to live with in June. We also have my sister Phyllis who lives with us, so we live in a very full house. We live in New Orleans, LA, yes we moved here after the storm! We love the city, and have adopted it as our own.

We unschool all of our children, if you do not know what that is, please go to this website to help you understand.
We are into natural parenting, we do not follow mainstream for child-rearing. We believe in attachment parenting, and in treating our children as humans, not as a object we own.

I am a stay at home mom, yet I also make things to sell. I am currently selling photo's, jewelry, ceramic's. Aidan is a teacher and writer. He is currently working on a new book.

I am into nature religion, I believe that everything is connected, and that there is female and male energy is the universe.
I am currently involved in making altered art, and the kids are having blast doing this as well.


  1. I can't believe how big the kids are getting! I LOVE blogger :)

  2. Yes I know, I am going to get some more recent pictures up soon.