Friday, October 30, 2009

Unschool group, french quarter and Border's all in one day!

Today, we went to Audubon Park and met a homeschool/unschool group, which was GREAT, they were all really nice people, and the kids had a blast with all the other kids, even Evan had fun.
After that we went to the Quarter, I had to go to Mary's hardware store(needed flux), we had fun, ate at Krystal Burger...really bad for you, but oh so good!
Then we went to Border's...Evan was running out of books. He can just walk down to Maple ST books, but they did not have the DC comic's he wanted.
We did all of this while taking the Street Car everywhere!!!! Not bad...just time consumming.
It was a good day, I got to see the kids have a really great day!

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