Sunday, January 10, 2010

Change is good....preparing.

I figure that last year I did good...I quit smoking, I started working more, and so for the 2010 year I am going to try and do more positive things. Here is my list of what I hope to do:
1. Reconnect with family, both my Mom's and Dad's. I hope that I can get to know them, and for them all to know us. I live close to both sides of the family, and I figure why not?
2. To get my garden really going this year...this will go with #3
3. To get healthy, to eat better, to just do more things that are healthy.
4. To get into school.

What I have done so far to acheive the above:
1. I found Aunts, Uncle, and cousins on facebook....I am so excited! My cousin Michelle was like my BEST freind when we were little!
2. I have ordered seeds, plants, and am reading books, catalogs and websites about gardening.
3. Walking more. growing sprouts, and drinking less soda.

I just want more out of life, and more for my kids.
I also have given myself permission to let go of my grief. It is time. I will always love my parents, I will always miss them but I must let go now.

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  1. Melinda, your blog looks beautiful.