Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plans, things changing, preparing

I have worked out the garden lay-out, the kids and I will be making newspaper seed pots this week...I need over 200! I am excited about this, also almost all of what we are planting can be eaten! This I hope will save us some money, and even more important will help us eat healthier.
Ned became baptize as a Mormon on Sunday! This was sort of a shock, but maybe for him it be good.
I am trying to get the Goddess circle up and going, but with being ill this past weekend, there was just no way to do it. I will be hosting an imbloc, but that will be it until after Mardi Grais, as the world in New Orleans stops during carnival!
I have to start making some king cakes this week. I am hoping to get a few made to take to the mission.
I am going to start Yoga classes soon, there are many studio's within walking distance of where we live! So that will be really good.
I am also going to be taking the girls of a spa day soon, we also live within walking distance of about 20 spa's/beauty shops!
I am working on making purses, I have ordered more fabric...most is vintage reproduced, but some is really from the the 40's. 50's and 60's.
I have to get the Frida Shrine done for the shine swap that I am currently doing on swap-bot.

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