Saturday, October 16, 2010

Skinned knees and other things

I just had to clean up a boo-boo, Bella fell over some rocks and skinned her knee while playing with some kids outside. She gets hurt like I did as a child...almost daily! I hate to tell her she will most likely be the same way as an adult, like me!I wish that I could protect her from these hurts, but I know that is not possible. She must get these little hurts so she can grow up, and become a stronger person.
My Parents shielded my oldest sister while she was growing up, protecting her from life, and now she is now in her mid 40's and lives with me. She does not work, she has no social life, and she just exists. I do not want that for my children, I know that at times I should be harder on them, and maybe demand more from them, but I also know that they understand there is more in life that requires them to work, and to have dreams, and that those dreams take more than wishing.
We are working towards our goal of moving to Tacoma, I know that it will not be easy, but I am so excited!
I am sewing again, right now I am making purses...I want to work on my advanced projects, but I also want to take it slow.
The school year is going better than ever! The girls are finally getting the reading down, and they are so amazed! Math comes easy for Chloe, Bella would rather do ANY thing else! Evan loves geometry...that he gets from his father. He is also writting comic books, and a novel! He also now says that he is a socialist..hmm Aidan was reborn in Evan!
I also am going to have to deal with the pain in Tacoma...there was a lot of it there. I know that going back also means dealing with things that I ran from four years ago. But I have to deal with it now for me to move on with my life. I have felt in limbo the past four years. The time is now.

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  1. Owie poor Bella....Glad that the kids are doing so well in unschool! I am looking forward to when you move back here.....I hope it happens! Miss you!