Friday, December 3, 2010


I have many projects to work on...many I must complete in a manner of weeks. I have things to make for the kids for christmas:
The girls both want an apron, so I making them each on based on a 1930's style. I am also making them waldorf dolls, and clothes to go with them.
Evan is getting a book, made by me. Then after that I just have many general projects to complete, and well I am running short on time!
I also need to get my arts and craft room sorted and ready for the move to Tacoma.
Tacoma...that is a whole other project that I must get ready for, since in three month time, we shall be leaving.
Tomorrow is just a busy day...
First we have the Latter Branch Libary bookfest, then after that the girls have a christmas party at Cafe Du Monde, and the in the evening Aidan and I have to attend his company christmas party at the Hilton. A busy day indeed!