Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lasagna Garden, grren house and chickens! OH MY!

Today was a day of working on getting the garden ready. Late I know, but here in the Pacific NW the spring has been very late this year.
I am making a "Lasagna garden" I have seen in mutiple place over the past few years the first was on "B. Orginal" with Michele Beschen, I loved the idea then. Then in MaryJane's Farm there was an article about it...I had to do!

This was what was done today. We layed cardboard boxes on the group(from our move! Reuse!) Then there was a huge pile of compost that was left here, so we then spread that over the boxes. This will wet down between layers, and on Friday we will place our Tagro dirt! I will let add another layer of cardboard, compost and then dirt.
I also cleared out the green house, now I need to get some PVC clear plastic to fix the broken glass.
I just ordered our chicks from Ideal Poultry. I ordered:
Rhode Island Red 3
Ameraucana 3
Barred Plymouth Rock 3
Silver Spangled Hamburg 2
Silver Laced Wyandotte 3
Standard Sultan 2
That is a real good start!

I have more to do tomorrow...I am also thinking about other things that I can do to make our lives more substainable.

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  1. We are doing a tea garden this year, and I find it to be a fun concept. I look forward to seeing how your lasagna grows :)