Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get ready, get set, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see in the past few days we have been busy.
We have bought our tickets to Tacoma, airline instead of train, since the prices were big difference now.
We will be leaving New Orleans on Mardi gras day! I think that is a sign or something. we will be here for all the important parade's so that is wonderful!
But to be honest there is so much I would rather be doing in New Orleans...that really is not the magic of this city.
We are not moving because we hate it here, there is so much that is wonderful and amazing here in NOLA. The city is like none other, the people truely love their city, they love the culture, and they love and support their city.
I just need to have more support for my family...I have a dream of a life I want and I do not see that happening here.
There will be so many people that I will miss, that Aidan will miss and the kids have many people they will miss.

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