Friday, February 25, 2011

Moving on

In one week will be loading our truck for our move back to Tacoma. In someways I am very excited, there are so many people that I can not wait to see, hug and hold. I will also have to let go of some people that I have truly come to love here in New Orleans.
Through our now defunct unschoolers group we met many people who have become very important in our lives while living in New Orleans, some of them have already moved to other area'.
Saying goodbye in never anything I enjoy doing, I am always afraid that I will never see those people again...and in this case I truly hope that I will see many of them again.
The kids are also having many mixed emotions, they are excited, but they are also very sad about leaving their friends that they each have come so close too.
But we each know that we are doing this to make our lives better, and to return where we were meant to be.
It has been almost 5 years since we loaded a truck and moved to Paris, Texas. We existed in that town for less that 2 years, yes we meet some people that we cared for, but living in small rural Texas town was not for us, and I learned a lot living I now understand family better.
I found out that to be "family" you do not have to have the same blood running in your veins, that we can also pick our family. That family is more about love, respect,trust, and truth.
When my parents both passed so fast, my Mom in December and then my Father in February, I lost it, I stop thinking in a healthy way, I became panicked and started making choices that were not for the best.
I know that I had to do these past five years, that I had to figure out my life, and what was best for my family.
Getting back to Tacoma means a lot for my family, it is were our family is, and it were I can have the life we need/want.
The house we rented is in a safe area, we can have a garden, and grow a lot of what we eat, to be a healthier family.

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