Saturday, February 5, 2011


let's see the past few days have been more stressful than normal. We are trying find and rent a house in Tacoma, WA from New Orleans, LA! This is not an easy feat, let me tell you, we have people that have homes for rent but do not want to deal out of state, then we have people who are TOTAL FREAKING flakes, since they will only email/call you back after you really bug them...then they tell you are welcome to place an application(paying a $51.00 fee) but there is a pending application!
I just want a house, nothing fancy even! I want a place to put our belongings, and a place for my children to sleep when we get there!
Then I buy our airplane tickets on, we pick Delta, buy our tickets and then find out that to check a bag we must pay $23.00! Then a purse counts as a carry on! WHAT! I will never use either company again!
So this will be a fun 6 and half hour flight with 3 kids and very limited amount of things they can do!
I am so stressed about all of it really...finding a place to live, the trip there, and then there is the amount of money going out for all of this!
So that is where we are at right now! I am stressed! LOL

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  1. for the carry on problem can u use one of those really big bags as a purse? that way you can load your purse w/ toys and such :)