Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting ready for Lady Fest!

I am getting ready for Lady feast again this year. I did not sell anything last year, but it was good exposure...and I met some WONDERFUL artist.
Tomorrow is the park day for the unschooler group, the kids and I am excited about that, I think that the socialization is as important to me, as it is the kids! There are some really great people in this group, and I think that it is the best HS/US group I have ever belong to.
Swamp Fest is this weekend, that is fun to do. Not sure if we are going, but it's there if we want to. I am thinking about going to the New Orleans Musuem of Art. this weekend, I can not wait for later this month when they have the Kathe Kollwitz Who is one of my favorite artist of ALL time. I am so excited about this.
The Disney exhibit also starts later this month, and the kids are excited by that.
I have to start dinner soon, Stir Fry with chicken for everyone else, I am making mine with Tofu.

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