Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Much happening

Last Thursday was a very cool day, we headed over to the park for park day with the unschooler group, we were a bit late(woke late, crazy sister of land lord, lunch on Maple Street, getting change at rite aid) Evan found a kid close to his age, and they hung out(the boy was there with his Mom and little brother) after awhile the Mom comes over and says that she should introduce herself since her kids were chasing my kids. Anyway, they just moved here from Georgia, and had just started Homeschooling...how weird was that! We ended hanging out the rest of the day, all of us walked down Magazine ST, had dinner at whole foods...it was super cool.
We also did stuff on Saturday (at the Fall Fete) and Sunday(at the children's Museum) with the family, met the husband, they met Aidan.
It answered so much for me. I was worried about Evan and boom, he has a friend that is some much like him! They both were wearing a hat, same style, diffrent color. We are calling them the Hat Brother's! LOL
The Mom is really great too.
Getting ready for Chloe's party, or trying too... I had to go help out at Pat's today. Very tired and sore.

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