Thursday, November 12, 2009


Getting ready for my Thursday. Today is the unschooler group, we will meet at the park, then I have take the kids to spend their allowance, that is ALWAYS fun! LOL
I am going to the studio on Friday to work, I am excited by that.
I made a whole of Pumpkin bread, and a loaf of pumpkin, raisin bread. Also I made Applesauce cookies, they are very good. I have never made them, but I am glad that I did.
I hope that the cold/flu is over us all now. It just kept hanging on, I am still very tired.
I am starting to get obsessed with making purses!!!
This the one that I am starting next.
I also am really into making things out of junk...I just love the hardware store! Washers are amazing to make a necklace or earrings, or a brooch....yes it is ending.

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