Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have been ordering off ebay again, but I am being careful! LOL I am trying to get some clothes for the kids, plus I want to get my winter garden going. Dress for the girls, for yule, the first is Bella's and the second is Chloe's

I also got some new shoes!!! I am so excited!
I also ordered a bunch of seeds from Daybreak Gardens in New Iberia, LA
Black Levi's for Evan, and a Watchmen movie t-shirt.
I love ebay, because it is like the BIGGEST thift store in the world! And you are re-useing things that others do not need anymore, and that is SO important!
The older I get and the more my kids grow the more I worry about the enviroment. We eat more organic, more local.
We just wrapped a present for Kendall (a boy from the unschooler group we belong too) using tissue paper that the Yule dresses came in today.
This type of thing has become so important.
I now have to get ready for Aidan's company christmas party....I am going to enjoy the FREE Open bar at Pat O' Briens !!!!!


  1. Have fun at the party! Hay, how did the B-day party go did she like the email????

  2. She LOVED the emails, I printed them out with pictures of each person, and gave them to her as gifts. she loved it, and hung them on her bedroom walls!