Monday, December 7, 2009

Hi-heels, and other tibits

I have firmly decided that I hate hi-heels, that they are evil, and were invited by a Man who knew he would NEVER have to wear them, and much be into S&M.
The party at Pat O's on the river sucked...the food is horrible, the drinks were not much better. I think I have gotten spoiled by New Orleans, and the class of cuisine that is here. Pat O's is suppose to be great, but I WAS not impressed, so if you are planning a trip to NOLA, by-pass Pat O's, the food, drinks and service are horrible!
We took the kids to Kendall's party, they had fun, it was great to see how close that they live. Really nice people to, and I love how creative she is with her activities with the kids.
I love my new Born shoes....They may even replace my trusted birks! WOW talk about wild! LOL

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