Sunday, December 13, 2009


Went and did the Freret st market, it it poured! I barely sold anything...most did not sell well either. I just wish that I had made enough to buy a tree. I am going to a few shops this week and check with them...some told me to come back around now and they may buy some of my things. We shall see. I am tired, and sore. Plus cold, did I mention that I was completely wet for the WHOLE market! That was 7 hours!!
BUT I did meet some great people missmalaprop who's blog is one that I LOVE!, and I also met people who sold some really cool army clothes from different goverments, I bartered for a shirt, a canteen, and a hat for Evan for Yule.
I met this AMAZING artist, Chris Guarisco he had these amazing diorama's/retablo/alter piece, they were amazing, he gave me a small one when he could not find his card! It is Amzing, I will scan it, and try and get it up. It really is wonderful.
I am met another artist who designed Hurricane Katrina Snowglobes the really they are really cool as well...Brad and Elizabeth Maltby were also very nice people.
Si in some ways it was a great day...just cold and wet...and did not nake much money!

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