Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pity Party!

There is much happening here, money is tight, like always. I am vending, I am hoping to make money so that we can have a good buying a tree! Of course I need to figure out how to get the tree home once we buy one.
Not having transportation sucks at times. I do not mind the walking so much, I am losing weight, which is much needed. But my issue is that we are repeating past mistakes, and I hate that. I know that I bought a few things off ebay, but at that time I was under the impression that we were okay. This is my fault for not taking a more active role in our budgeting. Time to change that.
I am going to take a much more active roll in the budget, and this way I will know before all hell breaks lose. I want to start saving money, not wasting it.
But I just need to remind myself that we are doing so much better than ever before! We have employment, a house to live in (the area is amazing), the children are all healthy, we have love, and we know that we are loved. We having amazing friends, that are there for us. So I need to NOT have the pity party, and focus on what we do have.

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