Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I made some money...and thankfully I also got an advance so, now we can go buy a tree! I went food shopping last night, so that was good as well.
Now I need to find a way to get a tree home! All of these small little details.
Yule is fast approaching, and I need to get everything ready. I will the main gift buying next week, AFTER yule, but in time for Christmas. I also have to finish making some of the presents...so that way they will be ready.
Tonight we will make a whole bunch of tree decorations....that will be fun!
I am trying to not focus on negative things, and focus on the good. That way I am sending out good things into the universe. I know that there are many people doing this, and I am hoping that it will benefit all that I love in this world.
I am going to officially start the woman's group next month, I AM NOT RUNNING it, I want to do it where we are ALL responsible for it, that way no one person is the "leader" the group.
I am hoping will attract all types of woman, because I am setting it up to where it will be a Spirituality group, and we learn and share with each other, so regardless if you are pagan, christian, Jewish, and all the other faiths are going to be welcome.
This is all about having an open mind, and that no one way is correct, and that we all can learn from one another regardless of our religion. I also want to show that religion, and spirituality are two different things.
Two people of totally different religions can come together and share a spiritual moment together.
So I feel that this will be an amazing group, it does have the chance for it to be.

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