Thursday, December 10, 2009


I decided that I wanted to start a woman's circle. So I have been working towards that recently. I got a GREAT book Sacred Circles by Robin Deen Carnes and Sally Craig. It is how to start and keep together a woman's circle, yes I know I have done this before BUT I want to do it right, and I also do not want to be the "high priestess" that title has ALWAYS bothered me. I am just wanting start something that I can do with other women. No men, (sorry nothing personal guys) just women.
I rejoined a yahoo group that I use to belong to, and posted my re-intro, and within minutes I got an email from a lady living in NOLA who is also interested in starting a group. The odd thing is that we found out that she lives 3 blocks from me!!! How odd is that?? Then a few women in the Unschool group is also interested! Is that wild or what??
The kids had fun today at group, and we just walked around the park some, even tho it was FREEZING today, it was 50 out! Brrr.
I paid the bills today, had 62.00 left! I know that I could have just left a bill off, but I do not want to do that. We have already not been late on our rent for over 1 year, but I am trying to keep bills paid now, and NOT depend on others. This is MY responsability, not anyone else. So I am trying.
I know that I have to buy things, and spend money...just I need to be careful with when I spend it, and how much. So yes I am doing better now. I am more aware that I must be careful.

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